It's easier to sell 1 Ferrari than it is 10 Hondas

Trying to sell something cheap to everyone is usually a much harder business model

It's easier to sell 1 Ferrari than it is 10 Hondas. This is critical business advice for any startup founder.It is just as much work to sell something for $100 a month as it is for $1,000 a month.It's often easier to find 1 buyer instead of 10!As entrepreneurs, we usually get caught up in trying to sell to everyone.We want to have a lower priced product that everyone can use.

But in reality, that is often harder.It is easier to build something very very specific for a niche.Sell it to the people who will appreciate and pay the most for what you are doing.It also shrinks your market so you know exactly who you are selling to.I work with a SaaS company now that charges $75,000 a year for something you can buy elsewhere for less than $20,000 a year.They focus on the high end clients who are willing to pay more. They cater to their specific needs.Don't try to be all things to all people.You can make more money and grow faster with focus.It's easier to sell 1 Ferrari than 10 Hondas.


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